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Who We Are


Royale Nursing Consults is your one-stop social enterprise organization for your walk-in clinics. Whether it’s in a school, an office, or a neighborhood, Royale Nursing assures you of a premium integrated health care solution for your immediate needs. At Royale Nursing, we don’t call it sickbay, we call it Well Bay.

Our Vision

Offering premium health-care services that would give you peace of mind.

Our Mission

Making nursing services for homes, creche, schools, and offices readily accessible and sustainable.

Our Values

Mindfulness, Dignity, Confidentiality and  Trust


What We Do

 Royale Nursing Consult (RNC) brings quality and warm healthcare services closer to you.
We establish, we staff, we train, we equip, we manage and we upgrade cottage clinics.

Cottage Clinic Setup


With the I creased awareness of health promotion and illness prevention, RNC is equipped to assist organizations set up, staff and manage clinics that would cater for the immediate health needs of staff in the workplace. For settings with limited space, with our mobile clinics, your staff immediate health care needs would be catered for.



Training: RNC utilizes accelerated mindfulness learning and teaching tools in training and retraining nurses in line with contextualized global best practices to become highly resourceful. Some of our Trainings are:

  • School Bond Systems Training for Nurses and Caregivers.
  • First Aid Training for individuals, creche, and schools.
  • Personal Evolution & Health Training for Caregivers.
  • Family Bond Systems Training for Nurses and Caregivers.

Home Care


At Royale Nursing, we believe that illness is a family affair. So, our knowledgeable nurses come with critical thinking and problem solving skills to engage the family in the care of their loved ones. We have general and specialist nurses to cater for the dynamic needs of patients.

 Medical Supplies


We provide personal or commercial healthcare devices, consumables and equipment for your health and business.

Clinic Management


If you lack a space to use for your clinic or Well Bay, we can provide a mobile facility to serve your immediate Healthcare needs. Our mobile facilities are well designed to provide real and warm experience.
Also, if you already have a clinic, you could outsource it to us, and we would take it up. Rest assured that your community would have a whole new health experience with our operations.

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